The mission of New Image Auto GlassĀ®, LLC is to deliver high quality auto glass products with high speed service to both the public and insurance agency referrals, while providing an exceptional workplace for our employees and meeting the growth/profitability objectives of the Company Plan.

We currently have a dedicated team of almost 100 full-time professionals committed to solving the auto glass problems for consumers.

Company Profile

We recognize that taking exceptional care of our partners is a foundational principle to succeeding in our mission. This means that every New Image employee understands that they serve three customers:the insurance companies, the public and our partners. Our core customer service principles are listed below:

Cooperate as a team with employees & customers
se the highest quality products available

olve every problem quickly and fully

reat our customers with respect and courtesy

ffer our customers only the best service

aintain the best professional reputation

njoy the process of helping

Remember, the customer always comes first

Company History

During college, Mr. Rex Altree played football and baseball for Oregon State University & Azusa Pacific University where he was a member of the All-League team as an outstanding defensive end for Azusa Pacific. Mr. Altree has learned the power of leadership and what it takes to bring a team together. From 1983 to 1998, Mr. Rex Altree had been a high earning sales manager with several national companies serving well-known customers such as Motorola, AJ's Fine Foods, and the NFLs Arizona Cardinals. He had been up the corporate ladder and wanted to be in business for himself.Rex's background uiquely qualified him to understand both the process of sales and the business of a consumer-based service industry.After several months of working with a small local glass shop in sales and operations, Rex launched a sole proprietorship in May of 1999.The new operation took take a decidedly different approach to the auto glass business with much greater responsiveness to customers' lifestyles and buying habits. Until late1999, Rex explored a variety of sales venues and delivery techniques sensitive to consumer activity, and as a result began to enjoy a significant increase in business.

In March of 2000, Rex and his wife Debbie, formed an LLC and named the newly launched entity New Image Auto GlassĀ®, LLC. The moniker was intended to let everyone from employees to customers know that this was going to be a different approach to the glass business. Rex led the organization as CEO fashioning departmental responsibilities,generating important community contacts, and providing overall management. Debbie Altree, drawing on her twenty years with IBM's sales support department, gave oversight to the administration and processing activities. Throughout this second year New Image capitalized on ground gained and paid careful attention to the inevitable mistakes made.Personnel with exceptional performance records were hired to fill critical slots in sales, service, installation, and processing. In early 2001, Rex recognized the need to formalize the procedures and policies that guided New Image's daily activities. Expertise was sought in accounting, financial reporting, and human resources.

Recently, as the spectacular growth of New Image has taken shape,Rex has balanced his life with giving back to the community. During the last few years, he helped found the Arizona Glass Association, the voice of independent auto glass dealers in the state. Twice elected aboard member and the chair of the legislative committee, the AGA now has a piece of successfully passed, important legislation recently signed into law by Governor Napolitano. Rex has also been named to the Board of Directors of the Child Crisis Center based in Mesa, Arizona.The Child Crisis Center is a non-profit organization committed completely to providing housing, medical care, schooling, counseling and positively impacting children in need. The Child Crisis Center has helped provide all of the above to over 20,000 children over the last 3 decades.

Company Future

Where we are going... New Image wants to be the finest auto glass company in Arizona. Not the biggest, just the best. This means that we need to offer our services only from the best locations in the area. All upper management works toward identifying, selecting, occupying, and retaining the highest quality locations available.

Site selection is everything As they say, location, location, location

Continue to maintain good relationships with hosts Be proactive, hire good people, keep the background noise down

Every road to success is a two-way street Work hard at making our association profitable for our partners