Wickenburg Arizona and Surrounding Area Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

If you need a windshield replacement or repair in Wickenburg, Arizona, New Image Auto Glass® is the company to call. We provide high quality service for all of your auto glass needs, and can often do so at no cost to our customers.

Wickenburg is a small town in Maricopa County that is removed from the urban development around Phoenix. Barely over 10 square miles, approximately 6,500 residents call Wickenburg their home. Much like many other Arizona cities, Wickenburg became attractive to settlers during the gold rush of the mid-1800s. The discovery of Vulture Mine by Henry Wickenburg and the subsequent mining of over $30 million in gold prompted settlement in the area, and ranchers and farmers soon followed the miners.

Following a turbulent beginning filled with drought, floods, mine closures and many other events, Wickenburg has since settled down to become a peaceful, remote town removed from much of the rest of Arizona's culture and economy. Wickenburg prides itself on its clean air and open spaces, and these are what attract many of the new residents to the small town.

The town maintains its historic district, but with its eye on the future has become a truly modern town with over 600 businesses providing a wide variety of goods and services. Many people still shop outside of town, however, and the town's freeway access makes the commute to nearby larger cities an easy one. The Valley Metro even supplies the city with bus service now, making transportation even simpler.

New Image Auto Glass® recognizes the need for windshield repair and replacement services even in small towns such as Wickenburg, and our staff of over 100 full-time professionals and 30 Arizona locations make this possible. We provide fast, high-quality service to the area so that every auto glass repair need is met.

For more information about the services we provide, fill out our online request form. We strive to satisfy every customer, and if you have glass coverage our services could be at no cost to you. We work with your insurance company and will file your claim for you, making auto glass repair and replacement even easier for you. Remember to call New Image Auto Glass® next time you need the best windshield repair service in the Wickenburg area.